Rounding the curve and crested incline from West Shore Road into the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Port Washington, my wife, Dorothy, turned to me and whispered, “Oh, I like this, we could live here.” A slight left onto Main Street with its small-town charm and mom and pop shops; she reiterated, “I like this a lot.” After a quick bite at Ayhan’s Shish-kebob and a drive along the Bay, Dorothy declared, “This is where we are going to live.” Twenty-five years later, Dorothy and I are still here, living in our little slice of paradise, with Port Washington and the Gold Coast becoming my muse.

As a ten-time Emmy Award-winning Producer/Editor/Photographer, I have spent over 30 years behind the lens. My mother blessed me with the unique ability to be able to find beauty in everything, and God has blessed me with the talents to capture and share it. Port Washington and the Gold Coast continues to furnish me with a plethora of naturally beautiful sights, incredible history, and a wonderfully diverse community that provides endless opportunities to capture and share that beauty as I see it.

When the Pandemic hit in March of 2020, like many of us, my job became a work from home situation. I found myself in the unique position of having a couple of free extra hours a day that formerly were consumed by a commute into Manhattan. Instead of focusing on all the negativity in the world during this Pandemic, I chose to take a 2-hour hike every day and capture as many stunning images as I possibly could and share them with my followers on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. The goal was to fill as many social media feeds with beautiful photos that could transport you to a better, happier, and more positive place. That was the genesis of this book.

I hope that every time you open this book, it allows you to escape from the realities and stresses of life, a mini-vacation if you will. It is my goal to help you relax and marvel at the beauty and peacefulness of the world around us that is Port Washington.

Peace Always, my friends!